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Calculate GoFundMe Fees

Welcome to our website that calculates GoFundMe fees! We are aware that raising funds to support something you believe in can be a significant and emotional endeavour. It's crucial to understand the costs involved with using crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe. To help you estimate the costs associated with using GoFundMe for your fundraising campaign, we've created this simple calculator.

This is how our calculator functions:

  • Select Your Country.
  • Select if you are Individual / Business or Charity.
  • Enter the Amount Raised.
  • Enter the Number of Donors.

You can better understand the costs associated with using GoFundMe for your fundraising campaign by using our calculator. This can enable you to set your fundraising objective and create a budget for expenses with greater knowledge.

How you calculate the Fees?

We made this calculator as per the information provided in Pricing and Learn about fees.

How much is the transaction fee on GoFundMe?

GoFundMe only charges one transaction fee. So what portion of donations does GoFundMe keep in transaction fees? You never have to worry about paying a bill because a transaction fee of approximately 2.9% + $0.30 (These numbers Depends on Country to Country) is automatically deducted from each donation. Visit our Pricing Page for more information about GoFundMe's charges.

What is the minimum donation for GoFundMe?

The minimum donation amount on GoFundMe is $5, but if you'd rather give less or just want to do it privately, Venmo or Paypal are also options.

Do you get the money from GoFundMe if you don't reach your goal?

On GoFundMe, funding is not all or nothing. That implies that regardless of whether you meet your preset funding goal, you will get the money you raised.

Does 100% of GoFundMe go to the recipient? What percentage does GoFundMe take?

Each donation carries a small transaction fee that takes care of all your fundraising requirements. Everything else goes to your cause, which is what really matters.

How long does money stay in GoFundMe?

The funds you raise through GoFundMe are sent directly to you. Each donation you receive is yours to keep, there are no restrictions or deadlines. It has never been simpler to raise money for a loved one or yourself. And we're here to assist you.

Do I have to pay taxes on GoFundMe?

In general, financial contributions made to "crowdfunding" initiatives (like GoFundMe) are regarded as personal gifts and as such, are not taxed to the recipients as income. The IRS does not view donations received from fundraisers as taxable income.

Can you withdraw GoFundMe to PayPal?

At the end of each month, funds will be deposited into the PayPal accounts of registered charities. Donations made up until the 15th of the month are sent in that month. After that date, donations will be distributed the following month.

What is a transaction fee?

GoFundMe top priority is conducting secure and safe fundraising. To accept and deliver your donations, they collaborate with leading payment processors in the sector, like PayPal.

Each donation has the transaction fee automatically subtracted. It helps them provide more ways to donate, including through credit, debit, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. It also covers the costs of credit and debit charges and safely delivering donations. To cover all of your fundraising requirements, GoFundMe only charges this one fee.

Donor contributions to GoFundMe are always optional

GoFundMe don't charge a fee to start a fundraiser because they believe it's important for everyone to be able to get the assistance they require. Instead, GoFundMe accept donors' optional donations, which are always appreciated but never necessary. They are able to provide strong and reliable fundraising tools, customer service, and a worldwide team of Trust & Safety experts thanks in part to the generosity of our donors.