Grailed Fees Calculator

Calculate Fees for Selling Items on Grailed

Calculate Grailed Fees

The Grailed Fees Calculator by is a useful tool for estimating the fees associated with selling items on Grailed. It allows you to quickly calculate the Grailed commission and PayPal fees, helping you understand the net amount you'll receive from your sale.

How to Use the Grailed Fees Calculator

  • Enter the list price of the item you're selling on Grailed in USD ($).
  • Select whether the payment is Domestic (US) or International.
  • The calculator will instantly display the estimated fees and the amount you'll receive as the seller.

Why Use the Grailed Fees Calculator?

The Grailed Fees Calculator by is designed to help sellers on Grailed understand the potential fees associated with selling their items. It provides a quick and accurate estimate of both the Grailed commission and the PayPal fees based on the list price and payment method selected.

Grailed Payment Processing Fees

Grailed charges a payment processing fee for using their platform to sell items. The fee is calculated based on the item's sale price and is as follows:

  • For US domestic payments, there is a payment processing fee of 3.49% of the transaction amount plus $0.49.
  • For international payments, there is a payment processing fee of 4.99% of the transaction amount plus $0.49.

For more details, you can refer to the official Grailed help article on Grailed's payment processing fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much is Grailed fees?

A: The Grailed commission is a fee charged by Grailed for using their platform to sell items. It is currently set at 9% of the item's list price.

Q: Does Grailed pay for shipping?

A: No, Grailed does not cover shipping costs. Buyers are responsible for paying any shipping expenses associated with a US domestic order that utilizes a Grailed Label. This cost will be displayed as a distinct line item during checkout when selecting the 'Purchase' option or when submitting a binding offer."

Q: Is selling on Grailed easy?

A: Absolutely! Selling on Grailed is a remarkably straightforward process, and there are numerous reasons to appreciate the platform. It's no wonder that an increasing number of sellers are opting for Grailed as their preferred selling platform.

Q: Can I Sell on Grailed Without PayPal?

A: To start selling on Grailed, it's essential to link a verified PayPal account or a Grailed Payments account to receive payments. If you haven't connected either of these options yet, you'll need to do so. For PayPal, you can easily link your account by following this link. As for Grailed Payments, please note that it's currently available through invitation only.